The snow falls, the mercury drops, and the bad breath is in the air.  All these signs can only point to one of the best times of year.  YETI SEASON!  Hide the children, skin the cat and set the traps cause our annual Yeti show is about to rear it’s morally depraved (definition of abominable) furry head.  Once a year we get our buddy Dex Dexign to curate a killer show featuring everyones favorite cousin of bigfoot.  Years past have been incredibly successful and this year looks to be our best yet!  With big hitters like Kronk. Gorgocho, the Bots, Sad Salesman, Betso, 64 Colors and SO MANY MORE this yeti season is gonna get weird!

The homage to the big blue and white mountain apes is going down

Saturday January 27th 6pm – 10pm.  Plenty of street parking should be available and the in store visitors get first dibs on the pieces.  All pieces will be live around 7pm here on  This show is no joke so if you see a piece you want you gotta get on it right quick, be first in line, and be refreshing that browser!


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