Sunday Nov 26th 12pm the world became a little less safe as pair of feral Wendigo were unleashed on the streets of Philadelphia.  Their path seemed to force them north presumably towards colder weather they began their assault in W South Philly, up through Brewerytown,  settling finally at a toy store near Fishtown/Northern Liberties.  The beasts destruction halted as they seemed to find the aptly named Mothership Toy Gallery a perfect breeding ground and within hours the store was overrun with miniature Wendigo spillling off of shelves.  Their demeanor though remained calm unless urged to leave the store without a proper caretaker and thus Mothership enlisted the help of local illustrator to the macabre, Sam Heimer, to assist in the adoption of said fiends.

Word spread quickly and around 6pm Eastern Standard Time found eager shoppers looking to snag the most unique gift could be found this holiday season that didn’t require batteries or a fingerprint.  shockingly all 50 of the small Wendigo children were adopted in varying colors and the parents taken home by the hero whom helped spread their species throughout the Keystone state and beyond, Mr. Heimer.  Though they seemed to have halted their procreation, It is said that Sam has the magic whisper that can urge these now docile beasts to pop one or two more children out.

Mothership greatly appreciates all those new parents who came by and supported this small business from being terrorized by the frightening little creatures and took the Wendigo home to terrorize their condos and apartments instead.  The adoption process went so well, expect Mothership to be hosting any new beast infestation that may arise in the tristate area and hold adoptions thereafter.

Happy Holidays and hope to see you next time.

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