Just before DCON 2017 a slew of new great pieces hit the scene and we’ve imported them to Philly for all you you freaks out there.  Swing by and take a gander at these killer toys to up your #shelfie game


2 thoughts on “That New New!”

  1. Hi Brian,
    My name is John Kennedy. I stopped by your store on Girard Ave about a month ago. I was the big guy who looks like a young Santa Clause. I found what your shop is doing fascinating. We talked about alot of things but I would really like to get involved in the customized little models or toys. Also I’d like to be invited to your next event at your store. I’ll stop by again when this weather breaks. See you then.

    1. Hey John!

      Of course I remember hanging out and chatting for a while! Thats great news, toys have are great and there is so much to be had as far as creativity and community. You are certainly invited to attend any and all upcoming shows, the first being Yetipocalypse on January 27th. The show has already been filled up but will be a particularly exciting exhibition with some well known artists which I believe a few will be in attendance. The shop actually has the next several shows planned out but I did wanna throw in a local show sometime in april or may so we can chat about that. Feel free to cruise on by and chat some more! talk to you soon!

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