We were hangin round the shop planning our next world takeover and thought, this sure is fun!  Plannin, organizing, doing marketing stuff and contacting cool artists it’s just the best!  That got us thinking that maybe there are some folks out there that would be stoked to do the same!  Maybe they have a cool toy or art show or clothing they would wanna premiere in a professional setting but have no place to go!  So we said shucks let’s open these doors and offer up the time in between our shows to anyone or group that would want to have an event or pop up!


  • Day, Week Or Month Rental
  • Gallery Show Wall, Store Shelving, Glass Cases, or All of the Above!
  • Professional Staff to Help You Plan and Carry Out the Event
  • Centrally Located Near Several Popular Neighborhoods
  • Marketing Services including Ad Production, Flyers, Posters, Graphics, Wall Decals, Photography and Event Photography

If you think your event would be perfect in an intimate, cool, and high visibility full service gallery Mothership Toy Gallery could be your spot!  Email us to discuss details, arrange times to check out the location, and get things moving!  No time like the present to get those 2018 projects to the world and we are super pumped to help you do that!

Brian Oliveira // Mothership Toy Gallery Manager Curator


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