We were sitting there looking at our bounty of toys, thinking how lucky we are to have such a great collection to share with the world and JINGLE BELL it hit us!  We aren’t really sharing anything if we are just selling it!  It’s the holidays! There are kids and adults all over that don’t have toys at all and that just aint right! So we did our homework and found a toy drive charity and set the plan!

For a purchase of just $3 we will split the cost of the figure with you and donate some really cool Funko Dorbz figures to the local Philadelphia Toy Drive giving some joy to the kiddos out there!  Boy did you all respond real well to that!  in just a few days we had 200+ toys to donate to the Salvation Army whom were so dang grateful!  It was our pleasure though and honestly we appreciate all the support to get some kids gifts for the holiday season.  It was truly up to y’all and you really pulled it out and made some smiles happen.

Thank you all so much!

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